Assil Belalta, a 22-year-old Algerian student was found dead in a student apartment with his throat slit, and the words “he is gay” scrawled across the wall in his blood.

In Algeria, homosexuality is illegal, but Belalta’s sexuality is still unknown, according to the Alawaba Loop. Pink News reported his Facebook indicates he was interested in men and women. Belalta was a third year medical student, and hundreds of his classmates marched in solidarity. 

“This institutional and state homophobia is becoming commonplace. And incitement to hatred against sexual minorities in Algeria becomes a common currency to make buzz and pour into populism. Politicians and some homophobic media are the ones really guilty of this homophobic crime that shook the university city yesterday,” LGBT rights group Alouen wrote in a Facebook post.

Algerian police have launched an investigation of his murder.