African youth are disproportionately affected by HIV, according to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

That’s why it launched the “Protect The Child” to help empower youths.

The goal of the campaign is to reach thousands of young people with age-appropriate comprehensive sexual health education initiatives (CSE), according to a press release. The Foundation helps provide high-quality HIV care and services to those in need. 

Protect The Child” also provides HIV/STI testing, health screenings, and counseling for students in secondary schools.

The campaign focuses mainly on African youth who are affected by HIV. Research shows that CSE significantly decreases rates of HIV, other STIs, and unplanned pregnancies, according to the Foundation. This remains a contentious issue in sub-Saharan Africa and receives pushback from religious and community leaders and some governments. 

The campaign will continue for the next few months while AHF Africa Bureau plans to expand “Protect The Child” initiatives.