Six activists made Moscow a little gayer using some creativity.

The activists from Spain, The Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia joined together using soccer shirts, standing side-by-side in the color of the pride flag to protest Russia’s “homosexual propaganda” ban.

“Unfortunately, 40 years later, there are still countries in which homosexuality is persecuted, sometimes even by jail sentences, and in which the rainbow flag is forbidden. Russia is one of these countries,” the activists said through their “The Hidden Flag” project page.

“Because of this, we have taken advantage of the fact the country is hosting the World Cup at the same time as Pride Month, to denounce their behaviour and take the rainbow flag to the streets of Russia.”

The group took multiple photos throughout the city of Moscow — even posed beside Russian police.

“Yes, in the plain light of day, in front of the Russian authorities, Russian society and the whole world, we wave the flag with pride.”

The 2013 propaganda ban stopped distribution of LGBT material to minors.