Activists Call on Australia to Ban Brunei Airline After Anti-Gay Laws

Royal Brunei Airlines Boeing 767, Via Wiki: Follash

After recent Brunei laws were set in place, making homosexuality punishable by death, there has been a public outcry to boycott Brunei-owned companies, including an airline.

Activists are petitioning the Australian government to ban Royal Brunei Airlines from landing in Australia, as this could bring harm to the LGBT community, according to SBS News. If someone in Brunei is found to be gay, they could be stoned to death.

"The last thing you expect to happen if you board a flight from Australia - as a law-abiding citizen - is to run the real risk of falling victim to a shocking law that could potentially see you jailed, or even executed," the petition reads, according to SBS.

The petition has so far been signed by 13,000 people.