A Rundown of Brazilian President’s Homophobic Policy

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has quickly rushed in new policy he promised during his campaign, including discriminatory action against the LGBT community. 

The campaign promise is part of his attempt to restore Christian values to Brazil, by appointing evangelical policy makers. One of his policies is for his human rights minister to ignore all concerns from LGBT people, according to the Associated Press. Bolsonaro didn’t say he had any intention of restoring another organization to handle these concerns.

“The human rights ministry discussed our concerns at a body called secretariat of promotion and defense of human rights. That body just disappeared, just like that. We don’t see any signs there will be any other government infrastructure to handle LGBT issues,” LGBT activist Symmy Larrat told the AP. 

A guide to STDs for transgender people has also been taken off the government website since Bolsonaro took office.