A Look Back: Gay For Pay Hottie Robert Van Damme in Czech Prison

Muscular porn hottie Robert Van Damme won't be going before the camera any time soon. The allegedly gay for pay superstar's checkered legal history finally landed him behind bars — he'll be serving nine years in prison in his native Czech Republic.

SFGN first reported on Van Damme, who's real name is Robert Kovarik, in 2010 when he was arrested for a series of beatings he subjected his then wife to.

In a letter published at the time by the gay porn website The Sword, ex-Mrs. Kovarik Mimi Letuska reports of being hit across her mouth and knocked to the floor bleeding. She said that her volatile ex also smashed her daughters' cell phones against a wall during a temper tantrum.

"I loved Robert and did everything for him," Letuska wrote. "But I have learned that Robert only used me. He used my status as an American citizen to start a business and have a life that he wasn't entitled too."

That business was Van Damme's own, highly successful porn production studio. Prior to that, he was seen in videos produced for Hot House.

Apparently his porn notoriety and his domestic violence arrest raised even more red flags — Van Damme was wanted in his home country for a series of armed robberies he committed there in 1999 and 2000. He had been tried in absentia by a Czech court after fleeing the country to do porn in the U.S. On September 13, 2013, an extradited Van Damme appeared in a Czech courtroom for a retrial. He was sentenced early in 2014.

Robert Kovarik will remain in prison until 2023.