Russian police have jailed six members of an anti-gay Neo-Nazi group, which aims to torture gay teens by humiliating and beating them and posting the recorded incidents online, Gay Star News reports.

Police in the Russian region of Ural arrested nine members of Occupy Pedophilia who were courting unsuspecting LGBT people via personal ads. In the past, members of the group have also lured gay teens by making fake accounts on the popular Russian social media network site

The Sinarsky District Court Kamensk-Ural found nine members of the group guilty of at least 19 attacks against gay people, according to Gay Star News. They were found guilty of death threats, torture and causing "moderate damage to health" but were not found guilty of participating in an "extremist group."

Six members of Occupy Pedophilia have been jailed with varying sentences; between three to six years in prison, while three other members received suspended sentences.

Occupy Pedophilia members trick young gay men or teens into a "date" the group set up. But upon arrival, the group would capture the victims and take them to a different location to bully, torture and humiliate them on camera. EDGE has reported on various incidents over the last few years.

The organization was headed by Maxim Martsinkevich, who started group in order to "identify and report pedophiles" in Russia. Martsinkevich is currently serving jail time for "hooliganism" after authorities arrested him down in Cuba in early 2014.