For Brazil’s LGBT community, 2017 proved to be even worse than the year before in terms of safety.

There were 387 murders and 58 suicides in the South American country, which set a new record for deaths according to PinkNews. The previous high was a reported total of 327 in 2016, a 30 percent increase from year to year.

Luiz Mott, the president of advocacy organization Grupo Gay de Bahia, said a combination of having more very conservative politicians and television stations comparing homosexual activity to Satanic practices have added to the unsafe environment.

“It’s a discourse that destroys solidarity and equates LGBT people to animals,” Mott said to PinkNews.

Other human rights groups have spoke out against Brazil’s lack of protection for LGBT people. Executive director at Amnesty International Brazil Jurema Werneck said that while the country’s government has made efforts to create laws that provide safety, those measures have not been successful at all.

“In the last decade Brazil looked to produce policies that could protect vulnerable groups like gay and trans people but they mostly failed, due to lack of investment or change in vision of policy,” Werneck said.

Other countries also saw struggles with protecting LGBT individuals. The United States had its deadliest year for transgender people ever, with 28 reported deaths according to the Human Rights Council.