15 Countries Condemn Russia’s Lack of Response to 2017 Homophobic Purge

Human rights groups raised a red flag in Chechnya last year when authorities were arresting, torturing and executing gay people, but Russia’s government refused to intervene, leaving 15 members of the Organization for Security and Co‑operation in Europe (OSCE) unhappy.

So 15 members of the OSCE, including the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Germany, signed a statement to trigger the organization’s Vienna Mechanism, which begins a questioning procedure on another member about violating human rights. 

Chechen Republic Head Ramzan Kadyrov said that gay people are “not people,” and need to be removed to “purify” the region. The authorities have allowed violence against the LGBT community, and encouraged families to commit “honor killings,” the statement reported.

At the same time, journalists and human rights defenders face threats and reprisals by local Chechen authorities for documenting these and other violations and supporting the survivors,” it also said, reported Pink News.

They’ve given Russia 10 days to respond. 

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