Tim Moffitt, the new president of the Wilton Manors Business Association [WMBA], wants to see his organization add its voice to issues impacting the city.

Moffitt said that will involve more WMBA board members attending commission meetings when city officials are voting on whether or not to approve certain projects or regulations that will impact the city.

“We want to make our presence known. You’re going to see more of us but we’re not going to be political. As Wilton Manors changes, we need to change.” He also said that WMBA would do more to inform and encourage their members to “take a stand” more with their city officials and let them know how they want then to vote. WMBA board members will attend a retreat on July 17 to discuss the issue further.

“The WMBA goal is to become active in the interactive with the city. We will write to every member every month and speak on whatever issue,” said Joe Pallant, WMBA board member.

It’s a direction that Pallant is glad to see the organization go in. He advocated for it in a recent email to WMBA members. “The WMBA members must be more active. We need to let our commissioners know that we need important issues discussed and implemented like additional parking and we need the train platform.”

Celeste Ellich, a WMBA board member and former WMBA president, said she’s in favor of encouraging members to be more vocal, but that anyone who speaks on behalf of the organization would have to have the approval of the WMBA board.

WMBA also wants to do more to help businesses survive and thrive in the city.

Moffitt said WMBA would do more to provide advice and guidance to businesses. “We just to give them options when they need help to survive on The Drive. We want to give them everything possible. Maybe they need help on their accounting. Want some advice. WMBA members could give them their advice. We want to be more of an information resource,” said Moffitt.