For the last few months, I’ve been sharing with you the details of the Wilton Manors Strategic Plan.  The third priority area of the plan is strategic growth and redevelopment in the Island City.

 This is an exciting time for Wilton Manors.  We are poised on the cusp of transitioning from a traditional single family community to a truly urban village.  In order to do so, we must be very careful to preserve the quality of life in those single family home neighborhoods while increasing density on the primary corridors.  The devil is in the details on this one, and some might say that the transformation has been too long in coming.

Our development standards, unified land development regulations, comprehensive plan, and city code reflect past values (some of which are frankly outdated), and all of these rules which govern how properties get built need to be evaluated and updated.  It is rare for a municipality to update all at once, but our city staff has been engaged in this process for about a year and a half and is well on the way to having a finished product.  These rules include changing standards to reflect the need to account for sea level rise and energy efficiency in our building code, prepare for increased capacity in our infrastructure (like water and sewer), and encourage building on primary corridors and transit routes.  The Andrews Avenue/Oakland Park Boulevard Transit Oriented Corridor is an example of these changes.

We have also developed an affordable housing plan and will be implementing a first time homebuyer assistance program later this year.  It’s a small program, since we are a smaller city, but I am committed to doing our part to ensure that Wilton Manors is a community where all are welcome.

The essence of this priority area of growth and redevelopment is in the development and execution of an Economic Development Plan.  The city now has such a plan, and is in the beginning phases of implementation of the plan.  Key initiatives include identifying potential feasibility and locations for a hotel, bringing in new Class A office space, completing a master site plan for a commuter rail station, as well as a master site plan for the city hall property.  This goal also includes the creation of additional parking and promoting the city as a tourism destination.

Stay tuned for exciting things to come!  Next month, we will complete our look back at the City’s Strategic Plan accomplishments with the fourth and final priority area:  Innovating and Adapting for the Future.



In your service,


Justin S. Flippen, J.D.

"The People's Mayor"


City of Wilton Manors