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Wilton Manors issued an emergency declaration Wednesday shutting much of the city down due to the fact that Broward County has the greatest number of coronavirus cases in Florida.

adSFGNCaronaHomepageinstoryAdd“The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) now recommends that states with community spread should close certain businesses to slow the spread of the virus,” the declaration reads. 

The order is in effect through April 16 days applies to a slew of businesses including bars, nightclubs, taverns, pubs, cocktail lounges, breweries, dance halls, movie theaters, halls for hire, auditoriums, bowling alleys, video arcades, gyms, fitness centers, fitness studios, dance studios, and gymnasiums.The order also applies to all dining areas within restaurants.

The order allows restaurants to serve takeout, delivery and drive-thru. 

Glen Weinzimer, co-owner of Bona Italian Restaurant on Wilton Drive, said they were going to voluntarily shut down their dining before the emergency declaration was announced. They will still be open for delivery and takeout. Not only is he worried about his business but also worried about his staff that will lose hours and wages. 

"Their income just stops," he said. "We're trying to use some of them to answer phones. Hopefully the phones will be busy."

He mentioned some will be moving to delivery as well. 

"We’re talking to the bank to see about extending credit to be able to reopen when the time is right. "Most businesses like ours barely have enough cash to get through a month, let alone enough put away to sustain them for several months."

The order also prohibits any gathering, whether organized or not, of more than 10 people.  

The order specifically exempts business that provide essential services like grocery stores, banks, gas stations, and medical facilities. Read the emergency declaration here.