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A Wilton Manors doctor and his medical assistant have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of distribution of controlled substances. Dr. Dominic Riganotti, owner of Wilton Manors Center for Infectious Disease, located at 1881 NE 26 St., and Jacquelin Fernandez were both arrested on Jan. 11.

According to a document provided by the U.S. Department of Justice Southern District, Drug Enforcement Agency [DEA] agents learned that Fernandez was “prescribing an unusually large amount of testosterone and Schedule 11 narcotics and is possibly involved in medical fraud.”

In September of 2016, the DEA used a confidential source to begin investigating Riganotti. That source used hidden audio and video surveillance devices to record interactions with Riganotti and Fernandez.

The DEA claims that their confidential source was able to make multiple purchases at Riganotti’s office and the Coral Springs home of Fernandez.

On Jan. 11, agents searched the Coral Springs home of Fernandez and found multiple boxes of HGH. According to the DEA, Fernandez admitted she was selling HGH out of her home without a license. Later that day, DEA agents searched Riganotti’s business. According to the DEA, Riganotti also confessed to agents. He also informed agents of the location of about 20 grams of methamphetamine inside of a wall socket in his office.

Riganotti was charged with conspiracy to unlawfully distribute human growth hormone, unlawful distribution of a controlled substance, and possession of methamphetamine.
Fernandez was charged with conspiracy to unlawfully distribute human growth hormone (HGH) and unlawful distribution of HGH. DEA agents also claim that she used her underage daughter to help her sell and distribute HGH.

Both Riganotti and Fernandez have been released on bail. Calls to their attorney were not returned in time for publication.