The ongoing pandemic killed the crazy, fun-filled, costumed debauchery of Wicked Manors this year but devotees of the popular Halloween bash can still support Pride Center programs through donations.  

Your donations will go further than you think: An anonymous donor has agreed to match all donations up to $10,000. 

Money from Wicked Manors was used annually to support everything from HIV outreach to active aging activities. 

“We have a gracious donor who has provided a matching opportunity up to $10,000 and we are asking everyone to please help us in this endeavor by donating any amount to the Wicked Manors Fundraiser,” said Roger Roa, Director of Development for the Pride Center. “We will be accepting donations and have set a goal of $25,000 that will go back to our community.”  

What’s been dubbed the largest Halloween Party on Halloween night in the Southeast United States has been rescheduled to Halloween 2021.  

It put Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale on the map, Roa said. The cancellation is a big gut-punch to the Pride Center as far as funding. That’s why the donation drive is so important. 

More than 30,000 people attend the event annually, which pumps money into the local economy and provides support for businesses, Pride programs and more, Roa said. 

The decision to cancel didn’t come easily. 

Organizers reviewed the changing COVID-19 regulations, increasing cases, and current CDC and Florida Department of Health guidelines and recommendations before deciding to cancel. The decision didn’t come easily: the event has been held for more than 12 years and the Pride Center has produced it for the last eight years.  

Before Wicked Manors was officially canceled, would-be festival-goers flooded the Pride Center with emails, phone calls and social media messages inquiring about the popular event. Many participants travel from other states to participate, and would have had to plan far in advance due to travel restrictions, Roa noted. 

“We could not provide a safe, socially distant event to over 40k attendees,” Roa said. 

While Event Co-Founder and Chairperson Doug Cureton added: “No one is more upset about this decision than the Wicked Manors event planning team. Since this requires months of planning, we have to go with today’s information and projections. Breaking this tradition is truly breaking our hearts. Rest assured, we will be back stronger than ever in 2021!”