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(Press Release) We hope you're enjoying your Sunday in our Island City! Whether it's enjoying a sunny day by your pool or catching up on work around the house, remember, we're in this together. 

Activities You May Still Do:

•        Travel to and from work if you are providing essential services

         •        Go shopping for groceries, pet supplies, and other necessities

         •        Pick up items from the pharmacy

         •        Seek medical care for you or your pet that cannot be provided virtually, as long as you call your doctor first

         •        Order and pick up takeout or drive-thru meals

         •        Travel to care for or support a family member or friend

         •        Take a walk, ride your bike, jog and be outdoors for exercise as long as you maintain at least six feet distance between you and others

         •        Assist someone in going to get necessary supplies 

Activities You Should Avoid:

         •        Gathering with friends and family if there is not an urgent need

         •        Getting within six feet of distance from others when you are outdoors for exercise or recreation

         •        Going to a hospital, nursing home, skilled nursery facility, or other residential care facility to visit loved ones, with exceptions listed by each facility

         •        Any type of travel except for picking up household items or medical care that is absolutely necessary

Reminder About Common Areas

Please avoid congregating around common areas in apartment complexes. If you would like to enjoy the community pool, be careful to adhere to social distancing guidelines.