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After spending about $5,000 to power wash Wilton Drive, the Wilton Drive Improvement District Board [WDID] isn’t done.

Doug Blevins, chair of WDID, said the board is looking to hire a company to remove bottles, bags, cigarettes and other trash from the street twice a week.

The WDID was created by the city commission, and approved by the majority of property owners, as a special taxing district in order to raise money specifically to fund improvements to the street. Property owners on the street are taxed more but the money can only be used for Wilton Drive. It’s estimated that $100,000 per year will be raised over the next 10 years.

Blevins said the goal is to spend most of the money to augment what is being spent by the Broward MPO to make Wilton Drive a two-lane road. But while the MPO is funding the construction costs of altering the road, the city is responsible for paying for a lot of the landscaping or any other amenities it might want.

Tax money from the WDID will be used to help fund those extras but that money probably won’t be spent for at least one to two years. Meanwhile, Blevins said the board wants to do something to improve Wilton Drive. “We want the business to know there’s something tangible we’re doing in the interim. Something impactful.”

The public is invited to attend all WDID meetings. The next one is scheduled for Jan. 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the Commission Chambers.