Commissioners are happy with the price of the new Waste Management contract but it’s one of the new proposed services that is still subject to debate.

On July 26, commissioners voted to approve Waste Management’s bid 4-0. Commissioner Justin Flippen was absent. But before the final vote at their next meeting on Aug. 23, the issue of hazardous materials disposal will have to be debated.

The rate will remain at its current monthly level of $22.05 for garbage and bulk pickup and $2.83 for recycling, and the rate can’t be increased for at least three years. Waste Management will also host two document shred events per year. The contract is good for three years with two optional two-year renewals.

In the new proposed contract, residents would be entitled to a once-a-month hazardous waste disposal removal directly from their homes. Commercial entities will also now have the option of obtaining recycling services.

Instead of driving to a waste disposal event, residents can call Waste Management and have the items picked-up. City Manager Leigh Ann Henderson said that proposal was part of an attempt to prevent people from throwing hazardous waste in the regular garbage stream. She said it would also increase the level of service to residents and to make it more convenient for them to get rid of hazardous materials. She added that the city pays about $24,000 for an annual hazardous waste disposal event. That would no longer be held if commissioners approve the direct pick-up option.

The cost for the direct pick-up would be $1.65 per month.

Commissioner Tom Green said he liked the direct pick-up but others were not so sure.

Mayor Gary Resnick said he didn’t want to charge residents for a service they’re not going to use. “The people who are going to throw it away are going to throw it away anyway [no matter what service is offered],” said Newton.

Waste Management, which has been the city’s contracted waste disposal company since 2003 had a bid that was lower than Waste Pro and World Waste Recycling.

For those who don’t want to wait for the next annual disposal event in February or the commission to decide on the direct pick-up option, hazardous materials can be dropped off at 2780 N. Powerline Road in Pompano Beach. Hours of operation are Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Electronics are also accepted. Proof of Wilton Manors residency is required. For more information, call 954-765-4999.