Like Uncle Sam pointing his finger, Bryan Wilson wants to enlist volunteers.


Wilson, director of community relations for SunServe and a resident of the city who serves on the Community Affairs Advisory Board, wants to organize volunteers to help those in need. The volunteers would do everything from landscaping to home repairs to helping seniors learn how to use their smart phones, said Wilson.

It’s an idea that Commissioner Julie Carson suggested several years ago and one that code enforcement officials also support. Officials have said their biggest goal with code violations issued to residents and business owners is not to fine anyone but to ensure compliance so the city has a certain aesthetic value. Dilapidated houses and overgrown lawns can have a negative impact on property values. Helping individuals improve the aesthetic quality of their homes helps the individual and the city.

Wilson said he wants to help officials develop an “asset-based approach to utilizing community members” to improve the city.

He said he was inspired by attending Island City University, a course given to residents and business owners to help them better understand how the city works. It was there, he said, he learned about one senior in particular who was being fined by code enforcement because she was unable to fix the problems she was being cited for.

“It’s physically daunting labor that would have been impossible for her to do on her own.”

Volunteers can come from in or outside the city but beneficiaries must live within the city. To volunteer or ask for assistance, call Wilson at 954-764-5150, extension 106, or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..