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Pink Sub and FabScout continue their ongoing meal giveaways this week Tuesday and Friday at 6 p.m. in front of Hunter’s on Wilton Drive. So far they’ve handed out about 600 prepared meals for out of work employees in the service industry.

Tuesday night’s dinner is sponsored by Jet’s Pizza giving away individual pizzas; Designer Graphics sponsoring Caesar salad; Dhana Clark making homemade tiramisu; and Jennifer Ford Law is donating homemade hand sanitizer.   

“We’re just still so thankful we can do this,” said Dawn Holloway, owner of Pink Sub. 

Holloway and Howard Andrew, owner of FabScout, have 10 more sponsors lined up for giveaways planned. Holloway said they’ll continue to feed the unemployed service workers as long as they can find more sponsors. 

“We're looking for other businesses that would like to sponsor and give assistance,”  Andrew said. 

Fifty full course meals cost about $400. But Holloway will take whatever someone chooses to donate. 

“I have to emphasize that we make no money off of this,” Holloway said. “My cut is the sweat it takes to cook this food.” 

And boy does it take some sweat.  

“People don’t realize how hot it is in my kitchen,” Holloway said with a chuckle. “It’s like 100 degrees in here even before I start cooking.” 

Friday night’s dinner is sponsored by a friend of Howard Andrew from Iowa which will be a “delicious hearty” beef stew. 

There will be a third giveaway this week on Sunday at noon called Cocktails With Cavo sponsored by Supporters of Michael Cavo. The meal will include an egg Frittata, home fries, a fruit cup, a blueberry muffin, served with orange juice and coffee. 

During this time of crisis Holloway wanted to help in some way so she turned to the thing she knows best — feeding people. 

“One thing I can do is feed people like I’ve always done. We are preparing meals for anyone that is in the service industry. They have waited on all of us. Put up with our shit. It’s time to take care of them. This was not their choice to not be able to work,” Holloway said. “The community has always supported me and I wanna cook for them. We are not asking for anything in return other than please come get a meal and enjoy.”

Call Howard Andrew at 954-290-6831 to volunteer, donate or sponsor a meal. 

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