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Wilton Manors Vice Mayor Tom Green will become “Acting Mayor” later this month when he is officially named by resolution to the post. The city has been without a mayor since Justin Flippen died suddenly of a brain aneurysm Feb. 25.

His colleagues on the City Commission agreed by consensus July 14 that Green should have the title to eliminate some of the confusion Green has encountered because he still goes by the title “Vice Mayor.”

“It’s very nice. There won’t be any difference in what I have been doing. There has been a lot of confusion on what my title is,” Green said.

Employees at Wilton Manors City Hall refer to Green as “Vice Mayor.” The mayors who attend Broward County’s weekly mayor calls to discuss COVID-19 updates refer to him as “Mayor,” even though he’s not; and the National League of Cities has been calling Green “Acting Mayor” since Flippen’s death.

The mayor’s slot has been empty since Flippen died. The Supervisor of Elections told the city in March a special election couldn’t be held until the Aug. 18 primary. 

"We only have four commission meetings between that time and the November election, it didn't make sense," Commissioner Paul Rolli previously said.

Because of ambiguity in the language of the City Charter, City Attorney Kerry Ezrol told commissioners they could use their own discretion as to whether or not to fill the slot. They left it vacant, to be filled during the November election.

“[Green] really felt this would allow his work to be a little easier,” said Commissioner Julie Carson. “He said it has become very difficult to be the vice mayor at the meetings of the mayors.”