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A persistent burglar with a weak arm tried repeatedly to toss a cement block through the rear door of a popular candy store but couldn’t get inside. 

Twenty-seven times the suspect heaved a cement block at the back door of To the Moon, often pausing and walking back and forth across the parking lot in between lobs. He shattered the glass but couldn’t break through it.

“He is really a terrible tosser,” said store owner Ralph Dumas, whose exterior store video cameras captured the suspect’s likeness and actions, which Dumas then posted on his store’s Facebook page.

Store video shows the man attempting to heave a cement block through the back door of Dumas' business at 2205 Wilton Drive over and over in the wee hours of the morning of June 27.

“The door was completely smashed. He threw that boulder 27 times at my door. It had a big bubble of glass in the window, but it had some sort of treatment over it so it wouldn’t break,” Dumas said. “I guess nobody said to him, ‘Have a sweet day,’ so he wanted to make sure he had one.”

Dumas wrote this on his store’s Facebook page:

“Thank goodness for impact glass. He tried and tried and tried and the door would not give. It gave him a good work out. Let’s get this scum bag off the street. Someone’s got to know him.’”

A man closely resembling the suspect was also captured on store video early on June 17 rifling through the cash register and making off with $600. 

Dumas said the men in both videos are the same person.

The man is also suspected of breaking into RockHard Lovestuff at 2205A Wilton Drive next door and stealing cash and merchandise and attempting - unsuccessfully - to break into the New York Grilled Cheese Co. at 2207 Wilton Drive.

All three stores are located in the same strip shopping center.

The lengthy video of the cement block tossing bandit has been a target of ridicule for Facebook users, who have poked fun at the burglar’s bad aim and weak arm, have wondered where police were and fumed about the man’s brazen actions. 

“Wow!!! Can’t believe how many times he tried to break the glass. He wouldn’t let up. I was hoping that heavy piece of concrete would ricochet off the glass and hit his ankle or fall on his toe,” Marla Comora wrote on To the Moon’s Facebook page.

“What in the hell is going on in Wilton Manors???” asked Facebook poster Lance Joseph Morin-Lugo.

Added Christina Leigh: “A moron AND weak. He will get what’s coming to him.”

Dumas is hoping for an arrest soon and is confident someone will be able to identify the man from the videotape, which included a close up of the suspect’s face.

Wrote Dumas on his Facebook page:

“Any information would be greatly appreciated and can be called into the Wilton manors police department at 954-390-2150 or 954-533-2832 and asked for a detective Tim Lee. Thank you and have a sweet day. Time to clean up and order a new door.”