A vote on proposed regulations for neon signs has been delayed.

The issue came up earlier this year and members of the city staff and police department said they would review the city’s regulations on neon signs. But commissioners want some questions answered and the proposed regulations reviewed more before they will take a vote to approve. The proposal was tabled at the Dec. 13 commission meeting.

If approved as is, the proposed regulations would lift the ban on neon signs as a type of sign that is prohibited. Despite the current ban, business owners already use neon signs as advertising but city officials have not enforced the regulations. In the past, commissioners have cited wanting to be business friendly as a reason for not strictly enforcing city regulations.

Under the proposed rules, neon signs could not be bigger than four square feet and no less than 10 feet apart. But commissioners were worried that could allow business owners with large buildings to put up more neon signs than city officials want to see.

“I don’t want [lots of different signs advertising multiple items] and everything else,” said Commissioner Tom Green. He estimated that some businesses could put up six to eight signs if they wanted. That’s just not something that’s going to improve Wilton Manors.”

Mayor Gary Resnick said he wanted city staff to be clear on the new regulations because they would have to be the ones who enforce them.