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Michael Sansevero wants Wilton Manors to take ownership of its art.

Getting the city to buy into a cultural experience based on sculpture is the challenge Sansevero has taken on.

“We’re trying to find elements to make the Drive more appealing to more people,” said Sansevero, chairman of the city’s Community Affairs Advisory Board.

In doing so, seven sculptures have been placed around Wilton Manors on private property. Plans are in the works for a brochure to be developed with a map to guide people to the sculptures and in turn learn about the pieces, artists and the surrounding neighborhoods. 

Sculpture, Sansevero said, “allows you to get more involved on the street.”

Getting cooperation from the city hasn’t been easy, he said.

“It’s a struggle,” Sansevero said. “One of the problems with Wilton Manors is they never seem to have money in the budget for art.”

A New York native, Sansevero was a corporate attorney in Manhattan before moving to Wilton Manors a decade ago where he now works in real estate. As chairman of CAAB, Sansevero said he is “tasked with enriching the lives of residents in the community.”

The Sculpture Walk is a step in that direction, he said. Now is the time for the city to act.

Sansevero said he believes incoming Mayor Scott Newton is “receptive to this” and speaks positively of new Commissioners Chris Caputo and Mike Bracchi. 

“I think [Caputo] would be a good catalyst for this as would Mike Bracchi who would be a vessel for change also,” Sansevero said. “I’m optimistic the city will buy into the program.”

Sculpture pieces, artist and sites:

  1. Slices of Heaven, Craig Berube-Gray, 2292 Wilton Dr.
  2. Talking Tubes II, Joni Younkins-Herzog, 2201 Wilton Dr.
  3. Sublime, Rob Lorenson, 1401 NE 26th St.
  4. Zeus, Arline Peartree, 2440 Wilton Dr.
  5. Harmonic Vibes, Arline Peartree, 2340 Wilton Dr.
  6. Lotus, Beth Ravitz, 1220 NE 24th St.
  7. One, Glen Mayo, 513 NE 21st Ct.

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