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Several years ago, before I moved to the land of milk and honey (i.e., South Florida), I lived in the Northeast U.S. A frequent advertiser on late night television was an off-price men’s clothing merchant whose advertising tagline was, “An educated consumer is our best customer.” (He even got an article written about him in Forbes magazine!)

In the real estate market, I strongly believe this as well. Now don’t get me wrong. I am happy to educate people myself, since I am a good teacher (so is said by many people; not for me to assess). 

But I think it’s generally better to have clients who have an understanding up-front of the outcomes they want. 

That's been one of the main drivers of my writing here since I began this column. My hope has been that my regular readers gain a better understanding of market conditions, and trends in real estate, than people who receive information elsewhere – or not at all.

I know I have readers who are real estate professionals, as well as readers who are prospective buyers and sellers of South Florida real estate. But this week, I’m not going to enlighten you.

Rather, I’m asking you to help enlighten me – and hopefully the other regular readers.

There are subjects about which I like to write, and that I hope people enjoy reading. I determine this by what I hear “on the street” and what I think people really should know as they navigate the real estate market.

But let me ask you:

Are there kinds of things that you would like to hear more about? Topics I haven’t covered in as much detail or depth – or even at all?

Once again we are entering High Season here in Our Fair City – Wicked Manors is right around the corner now, after all. The Snowbirds return, visitors seeking second and retirement homes, and a change to a new (and I think better) way of life, descend… and current residents wonder whether this is the year to sell. 

I am here to serve – to share my knowledge with you, and to make sure I am sharing the right things to help.

So today I ask you to reach out to me – send me a quick email (to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if there’s a topic or two you would like to see a column (or two) about. I won’t mention your name (unless you want me to) and I guarantee I will respond to every email I receive.

The month of Libra (which we have just entered as I wrote this) has a special energy about it. Let’s use that energy – together – to make all our current and prospective readers both educated consumers and great customers!

James Oaksun, Florida's Real Estate Geek(SM), is Broker-Owner of New Realty Concepts in Fort Lauderdale. In addition to having degrees from Dartmouth and Cornell, he is a Graduate of the Realtor Institute (GRI).