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New bus shelters; resurfaced roads; and new landscaping and irrigation along Wilton Drive are among several city projects that will be funded by money from a penny sales tax that voters approved back in 2018.

The Broward County Commission approved the 30-year, one percent surtax for transportation in November 2018, which took effect on Jan. 1, 2019. The County Commission then approved several transportation surtax-funded projects for the City of Wilton Manors.

“The projects went through a lengthy ranking and approval process in June,”  according to Wilton Manors City Manager Leigh Ann Henderson. An interlocal agreement has to be negotiated with the county for each project, she noted.

Funding will be available sometime in October or shortly thereafter, she said. At that time, each project will have to be put out to bid. The county also wants to review all the bids, she added.

Here’s a list of the approved projects:

  • Wilton Drive Landscaping and Irrigation. The county allocated $287,532 for this project, which will beautify the ongoing improvements to Wilton Drive in the city’s downtown. Irrigation and additional landscaping will be installed within the existing right of way. Work will take place in roadway “bump outs” and also in sidewalk areas.

  • Wayfinding Program. The county allocated $639,650 for this project, which consists of various directional and informational signs to be placed throughout the city. The signs will be designed to help people navigate their way around Wilton Manors and improve commutes by providing consistent information.

  • NE 15th Ave./NE 24th St. roadway improvements and sidewalks. The county allocated $629,804 for this traffic-calming project, which will provide raised intersections and new crosswalks. Five foot-wide sidewalks will be installed on the south side of NE 24th Street between NE 15th Avenue and Metropolitan.

  • Bus Shelters. The county allocated $180,000 to construct and redesign bus shelters throughout Wilton Manors, as well as build a new bus shelter on NE 16th Avenue.
  • Street improvements on NE 26th Street from Five Points to Middle River. The county allocated $240,000 for this project to widen the sidewalks on both sides of the road so they are ADA compliant.

  • Street resurfacing throughout the city. The county allocated $4,410,734 for this project, which includes resurfacing three sections of city roads in the center part of Wilton Manors.