I have two different reactions to two stories in this week's SFGN Wilton Manors Gazette. I guess losing Boomerang's might be predictable as greedy landlords are a fact of retail life. However I'm appalled that the two interviewees in your article basically disrespected this store's right to even be on the Drive.

Where do d'Arminio and LoGrande get off thinking they are the arbiters of what kinds of businesses are appropriate for the Drive. I don't know where they live but I live nearby and I walk to the store all the time - don't care about the temperature. And most people do as well from what I see. 

Thrift stores are a valid presence anywhere they want to do business - and not all of us are as rich as those two guys must be. Do they really think that we need yet more bars and restaurants on the Drive, while empty storefronts abound and some of the former barely last a few months these day. Retail diversity is the goal of any main street, and especially needed in our small town Wilton Manors. Do we really have to endlessly drive to anywhere we want to shop just because a couple of clueless bureaucrats say so?

Second, in your editorial by Mr. Torre, he devotes a full page rant to discussing a property that he never even identifies. Does he expect readers to just guess what and where he's talking about? That's just poor journalism.


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