I want to thank the editor of SFGN and the WMG for publishing recent article regarding the ongoing personal attacks on me by Boyd Corbin, the acrid candidate for Mayor of Wilton Manors. For several years, Corbin has defamed, slandered and made libelous comments about me, the Wilton Manors Police Department, City Officials, and countless others who have been leaders in our community.  


Some people make bad decisions in life and live to regret those decisions while blaming others.  I believe that was the case during Wicked Manors in 2012. Boyd Corbin chose to dress in a KKK costume carrying a cross, a lit-burning torch and a sign that read, “Stop the race war against whites.” That choice led to a violent altercation involving Boyd Corbin and a local performer.  

What Corbin has fabricated in his mind, is that I made false statements about what I saw that evening. Yes, I did see Corbin in the costume, with a lit torch, a cross and signs, what I did not see was the actual incident that would cause both Corbin and Michael Walters, aka- DAME EDNA, months of legal turmoil, including an arrest.  

The last thing I saw before the altercation was Corbin’s over zealous attempt to be recognized by the show host, Corbin, waving a flaming torch precariously close to other contestants with large costumes and flammable materials; a scenario that could have ended in a much worse tragedy. I said to myself at that moment, “this is not going to end well” and I left the stage area prior to the alleged attack and subsequent injury to Walters. In fact, Corbin stated under oath in a court of law, “I had every intention of winning that contest.” Furthermore, I never gave any sworn statements nor testified against Corbin during his arrest trial.  Corbin has ruminated on this for years now and continues the attacks in his political advertisements, as well as Facebook and at city commission meetings. 

As a 19-year resident of south Florida, I have spent most of that time as public servant volunteering first in Fort Lauderdale as Past President of the neighboring South Middle River neighborhood, Fort Lauderdale Code Advisory Board and won volunteer of the year for Fort Lauderdale’s District II in 2001.  

Then after moving to Wilton Manors, I sat on the WM Board of Adjustment, WM Budget Review Advisory Committee, WM City Hall Advisory Board, President of Wilton Manors Main Street and currently Chairman of the Wilton Drive Improvement District. I ran for Mayor of Wilton Manors in 2014 with an impressive showing taking 44 percent of the votes in a three-way race, where Corbin took a meager 1 percent. 

To my knowledge, Boyd Corbin has never been appointed to or volunteered for any city boards or organizations to try and make our city better. His efforts continuously center around negativity, bashing, name-calling, threatening and bullying and many even say reminiscent of Donald Trump. Reportedly, he has also demanded countless hours of city staff time and resources that is taking away from the regular duties of many of the Wilton Manors employees. 

Corbin admits spending his own money putting out one of the most negative and hateful mailers in the history of our fine city. I think this is the straw the breaks the camels back for Corbin. As the old saying goes, give a man enough rope and he will hang himself.  

I am currently in discussion with two different attorneys looking at options for legal action. In addition, there are countless other victims and possible plaintiffs who may join forces to bring justice and stop this self-indulged pariah once and for all.  

  • Doug Blevins