Latinos Salud Asks for Permanent Display of HIV/AIDS Sign

Displaying Latinos Salud’s HIV/AIDS testing sign is a matter of life and death.

That’s why the organization, located on Wilton Drive, has asked the city to amend its code to allow for the permanent display.

Okan Gunay, communications and administrative assistant for Latinos Salud, made the request at the commission meeting on May 10. Gunay said that when the sign was temporarily removed a “considerable drop” occurred in the number of individuals coming in for testing.

“We found two more infections just this month from the sign. We prevented them from infecting others and they’re getting treatment. I implore you to please help us out. [Not having the sign is] going to be detrimental to the public health. When we’re not allowed to put our sign out, something’s wrong.”

The sign is being allowed to remain in place temporarily. Roberta Moore, director of Community Development Services, said she is reviewing the code to try and find a permanent solution.

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