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What an infuriating article. Let's look at it objectively. Boomerangs has given to our community in huge dollar amounts and supported our pets for many years. They've helped our pet family personally in ways that cannot be measured.

What is their reward? Rent being raised 50% and the high-hatted Mr. LoGrande who poo-poohs their contributions. 

"Charity shops" provide much needed funds to underfunded groups in our community. They need to be supported and lifted up to help their work.

Do you think Wilton Drive will be like Las Olas Blvd. someday? I don't think so.

Meanwhile Wilton Manors redevelopment project was planned as being adequate for traffic from one engineer's faulty conclusions?

It will look pretty but the empty storefronts still predominate.

Boomerangs site will likely be one of those for some time, unnecessarily.

Glad that the Cat Cafe has its' next life at least.

Thanks to all at Boomerangs for their incredible service.


– William Burnworth