For many local consignment shops and retailers in and around Wilton Manors, the Christmas shopping season isn’t a make or break time of year.

Judge Noik, owner of The Joshua Tree, said he’s always having sales on his bathroom vanities and mirrors, including during the holidays. “But it’s not really something people really buy [this time of year]. People are spending money on gifts, not on bathroom vanities.”

But some retailers offer plenty of items to purchase as gifts.

“Would you rather open up a tie from the mall or a cocktail shaker and six martini classes from 1945?” asked Chynna Luschen, co-owner of It’s a Mid Mod Mad World, a consignment shop which sells mid-20th century furniture and other items.

Located among the wood panel sound systems, cabinets, coffee tables, and other furniture are table lighters, ash trays, glasses, barware, vinyl records, phones, and other items. There’s also a pack of oversized nudie playing cards somewhere ready for purchase.

It’s unusual stuff like that, said Luschen, that people want to buy as gifts. “It’s a no-brainer. You’ve just got to get them thinking. You’ve got to really cater to them . . . reinvent yourself.” Luschen said she did that last year with her “Put a Bow on It” sales campaign to promote herself online. It was something she said gave her a big boost in sales.

December and January are typically slow months for her type of businesses, but she said it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

For Antonio Dumas, owner of To The Moon, Christmas shopping never ends. “I sell Christmas all year.” Along with a huge amount of chocolate and candy of all kinds, Dumas has a big selection of gifts.

He gets his year-round sales from tourists who buy Christmas gifts during the summer, fall, and spring months and take them home. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are his two biggest sales periods, but he said it’s nothing he depends on to keep the doors open. “It’s good, but I don’t need it to survive. It is what it is. But anything is better than zero.”

For the Pride Factory, Christmas sales are definitely better than zero.

Store Manager Rocky Bowell said the retailer does well with Christmas sales because “we’re so clothing driven” and because of its selection of jewelry, bags, and other accessories. And so far, he said this has been even better than usual. “The traffic has been really good. The parking lot has been full. Even the street parking was full . . . and it doesn’t hurt that we’re right next to The Christmas Palace.”