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Since taking over the landmark Bona Italian Restaurant more than two years ago, Glen Weinzimer and his team have made some significant changes, all while keeping the things about Bona that the community enjoyed the most (including maintaining some of the long-time servers). Bona also has instituted some new policies. One of those is giving back to the community. 

Bona supports the community through its “Give Back Monday” policy, donating 10 percent of each check to a local charity.  

As Weinzimer explains, “We established our ‘Give Back Monday’ policy two years ago. We wanted to be able to give back to the community consistently and help organizations principally in our backyard that work to enhance our community from the arts to social groups that do good. We wanted to help those organizations that work on LGBT rights and those who work with HIV and AIDS care, issues and education. We also love animals and have worked with pet rescue organizations as well as those who save our turtles. We believe in celebrating the work and highlighting the energy of the arts, the social groups like the Bears of South Florida, the choruses, the symphony and others that light up our world. In the past two years when we tallied what the community has helped give back by the 10 percent that goes back every Monday from dining, it totaled more than $25,000. No check is enormous, but we hope the collective impact is.”

In addition to that program, those who announce that they are attending a play at Island City Stage before or after dining at the restaurant, will have 10 percent of their check total donated to Wilton Manor’s resident theater company. Neither of these programs cost Bona customers a cent, the money is donated from Bona’s profits.

Bona has also responded to its customers’ interests which show up on the menu. With more diners requesting gluten or carb-free options, the restaurant offers a pizza with a cauliflower crust and zucchini “noodles” as an option instead of pasta. It also offers eight vegan options on the menu. Instead of paper or plastic straws, Bona will provide pasta “straws” for customers. 

This kind of attention to the community and customers’ needs has made Bona one of the most popular dining options on the Drive. Even in off-season the dining room is always buzzing with activity.


Candela has revised its menu, reducing the price of many entrees by as much as 10 percent. It has also added some new dishes. Diners can now enjoy some new dishes; cerdo segoviano, a lasagna filled with a savory beef ragout and roasted branzino with shrimps in garlic sauce. Happy hour features dozens of glasses of wine priced less than $10 a glass and a dozen or so traditional tapas dishes, also priced less than $10 each, including; olives, boquerones, patatas bravas, tortilla de patata, a variety of croquetas and steamed mussels.

The Grille on the Drive will offer its buffet brunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for the regular price of $24.95. Plated dinner service, with seatings at 5, 7 and 9 p.m. will feature a special menu for $34.95.

Courtyard Café will feature its regular menu, as well as a few specials on Easter Sunday and will also offer a $3.50 Bloody Marys and $3 mimosas all day long.

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