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On Monday morning, Wilton Manors Vice Mayor Justin Flippen announced he’s running for mayor in 2018.

Labeling himself as “The People's Commissioner,” Flippen in a post on his website and social media stated he wants to now serve the city as “The People's Mayor.”

“With the experience, competence, skill set, and commitment required for the role of Mayor, I am running to build upon the good work we have achieved as well as to create a better city for all who call Wilton Manors home. 'Life's just better here' in Wilton Manors, and it is clearly connected to leadership and vision for a better future, a better city,” he wrote.

Flippen was elected to the commission in 2008 and resigned in 2010 in an unsuccessful attempt to run for Dist. 92 against then incumbent State Rep. Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed. In 2014, Flippen was elected to the commission again. His current term ends in 2018.

His announcement to run for mayor comes a little less than a year before the Nov. 6 election and a year after current Mayor Gary Resnick, the city’s longest-serving mayor, told The Gazette he would probably not run for re-election. “I don’t want to say it’s definite [that I won’t run] but I think 10 years as mayor is sufficient,” said Resnick in November of last year.

“I love Wilton Manors, the community we have created together, and it's never too early to think decisively about our city's future,” stated Flippen.