Final Approval Given to Budget, Millage Rate

Commissioners gave final approval to the city’s budget and millage rates at their special commission meeting on Sept. 25.

Commissioners approved an operating millage rate of 5.9837 and a debt service millage rate of 0.5017, which includes the parks and city hall bonds.

The millage rates will result in a $1.10 increase this year for single family home owners with Save Our Homes [SOH] and a $19.10 for those without SOH. For condo owners with SOH, the increase will be .49 cents and $10.08 without.

This year’s $35.05 million budget includes $7.15 million for the police department, $4.3 million for leisure services, and $1.3 million for Community Development Services.

The budget also included $295,000 for Goren, Cherof, Doody, & Ezrol, the law firm which represents the city, $32,000 over three years to convert two tennis courts from asphalt to clay, $17,250 for Wayfinding signs to help direct tourists to destinations in the city, and $5,000 if the county transfers Site 92, a small strip of green space, to the city.


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