Broward County is seeking volunteers to help remove debris and install native plants at Cypress Stand 92. Located on the South Fork of the Middle River on Wilton Drive, the undeveloped park land is owned by the county. Wilton Manors officials have expressed a desire to possibly take control of the 1.43-acre park but neither the county nor the city have taken action yet.

Nearby residents have said they’d like the park to remain as passive as possible and don’t want the city or county to add parking spaces. City officials have also said they probably won’t do much to alter the park if they take it over. In a previous interview, Patrick Cann, leisure services director, estimated that, if the city did take over, it would cost about $15,000 a year for general maintenance, such as emptying garbage cans and landscaping. If the city added amenities, that would increase the cost.

At a recent Central Area Neighborhood Association meeting where city officials discussed the park, Todd DeJesus, the city’s capital projects and grants manager, called it “one of the nicest cypress stands” in the county.

At that same meeting, one resident asked the city to do more to monitor and police the park. She said trash is often left there and it is used by the homeless and by high school students. “I can tell you they’re not having a picnic,” she said sarcastically about the high school students.

Volunteers for the cleanup and planting are needed Friday, July 14 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Saturday, July 15 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Call 954-357-8149 for more information on what is needed to volunteer.