At their meeting on Feb. 14, commissioners passed two moratoriums – new medical clinics in the Wilton Drive Arts & Entertainment District and new group homes in the entire city. The moratoriums do not apply to existing clinics or group homes.

“We don’t have a medical clinic use in the Arts & Entertainment District. We may or may not want one but we don’t have a definition for it,” Commissioner Carson said.

The moratorium on clinics, which is set for 180 days, will prevent new ones from opening while the city determines how to amend its zoning laws to either allow them in the Arts & Entertainment District or to permanently prohibit them there.

The types of business commissioners want to see in the Arts & Entertainment District was discussed by commissioners in December when members of the community came out in support of Thrive Spa. The owners of Thrive Spa want to open their smoking cessation clinic in Gables Wilton Park on Wilton Drive.


Group homes

A one-year moratorium was placed on the opening of new group homes.

City Manager Leigh Ann Henderson said the Department of Justice and the Department of Housing and Urban development had revised its State and Local Land Use Laws and Practices and the Application of the Fair Housing Act. “We want to study that report and develop an appropriate review process and regulations,” said Henderson.

Commissioner Julie Carson made it a point to talk about the difference between group homes and sober homes and that the city was not putting a moratorium on sober homes.

Mayor Gary Resnick said the city should take its time on the issue. “I’d like our city to be careful when they come up with certain types of regulations.”