Per the city commission’s request, the city manager and city attorney will research what regulations other cities have instituted regarding generators and multi-unit residential units with multiple stories.

The idea comes from Commissioner Tom Green who said one of his neighbors who is confined to a wheelchair couldn’t use the elevator at their apartment complex, The Metropolitan, because of the lack of power due to Hurricane Irma.

“I would like this to be a requirement. Anything where there is an elevator should have an emergency generator . . . Maybe it’s going to be just the new buildings,” said Green. He added he doesn’t think most building owners would do it voluntarily.

Green said he knows someone who owns a townhouse and installed their own private elevator. Those types of elevators, he said, would be exempt from the requirement.

Commissioner Scott Newton said he’d like to see the issue on the next agenda.

If passed, the ordinance would require the generator be installed onsite and be part of the infrastructure. “What good is the car without the engine in it?” asked Vice Mayor Justin Flippen.