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Those who volunteer to be on city boards, advisory committees and task forces are repeatedly applauded by commissioners for giving their time and talent in service of the city.

Commissioners now want to ensure those chosen to serve are attending enough meetings and keeping the boards, committee and task forces functioning. On July 12, commissioners voted to require the automatic removal of any member of a board, committee or task force who unjustifiably misses 25 percent of their meetings or three consecutive meetings, whichever is less.

“Consistency is important,” said Commissioner Justin Flippen. Commissioner Julie Carson said she was glad nothing was being left up to discretion.

“You either commit yourself or you don’t get on,” said Nick Berry, who is chair of the Planning and Zoning Board and chair of the Economic Task Force.

Doug Blevins, chair of the Wilton Drive Improvement District, reiterated his call for term limits on city commissioners as well as board, committee and task force members. Blevins wants to see more “fresh blood” make decisions in all levels of appointed and elected positions.

Commissioners also approved a mandatory Sunshine training for board, committee and task force members. Because they deal with issues that impact the city in an official capacity, members are required to follow Sunshine laws, which were passed to ensure transparency in government.

Mayor Gary Resnick said people need to be given the tools to understand how important the Sunshine law is. “This is what people can go to jail for.”