Column: The Artist Who Paints With Her Voice

Glenda Grainger, Via Glenda Grainger Facebook

A native of London, England, Glenda Grainger has lived and performed all over the world.

Her entire life has been committed to the art of song and performance. She has graced many stages from Paris to Mexico and beyond. Her TV appearances over the years include The Johnny Carson “Tonight” show, plus several stints on the Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin and Joey Bishop shows peppered with guest appearances.

Grainger has also been on the Dean Martin and Hollywood Palace shows. She has performed as opening act for such legends as Jackie Mason and Milton Berle. 

She has also performed with the Smothers Brothers, and many more. The list includes a hit record in the late 60s with “Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” one of the songs from the James Bond movie “Thunderball.” She was featured in the Jerry Lewis movie, “Hook, Line & Sinker,” where she played a lifeguard who gave Jerry Lewis CPR and delivered mouth to mouth resuscitation!

Grainger has become a cultural and musical treasure and she is still tirelessly delighting audiences with her electrifying stage presence. Her timeless repertoire runs the gamut from Broadway show tunes like “The Great American Songbook,” jazz, and contemporary ballads sung in various languages.

Grainger has been described as “the artist who paints with her voice.” She has more voice and stamina than most singers half her age and when you listen to her full and rich voice you feel her enjoyment of singing, which is technically flawless, always fresh and emotionally endearing. She is a symbol of resilience.

A life long supporter of the gay community, even when it was not fashionable, Grainger sat down with SFGN for a lunch on The Drive. “I have been singing in Wilton Manors for many years and have a very large, loyal, gay following,” she said. “I have a very special connection with them. I worked at Tropics for years, at the new Chardees, at Angel’s restaurant piano bar on the Drive.”

“I work with Gary Lawrence, my piano accompanist,” she continued. “I sing and perform throughout the year because I love to interact with audiences and enjoy the work of the songwriters. Singing comes naturally to me. I have the discipline to work hard and always learn something new. I am very happy, at this stage of my life, to be where I am. I have been lucky to have been in love twice, and would not want to change anything in my life even if I could. Love is about caring, sharing and making sacrifices.”

Grainger is currently performing at Club Silver (2209 Wilton Drive) every Saturday from 7-10 p.m.

Her show is not to be missed.

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