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As I wake up to the beginning of September on this Sunday morning, I realize how much we have to be happy about.  Thankfully, our date with the ferocious Dorian was a no show. 

Speaking of no shows, I cannot help but mention Commissioner Resnick’s many recent absences from City Commission meetings. These frequent absences and attending meetings by phone have many thinking that something is not right here in Wonderland.  The rumors are swirling around town, but I don’t wish to entertain such gossip on this lovely September morn. 

Hopefully, our missing commissioner will once again emerge on the dais. Twice a month is not too much ask from our elected officials. Last year, while still Mayor but running for City Commission, Resnick stated that being a City Commissioner would be a lot easier than being Mayor. He seems to be proving his point. 

Now, let’s get back to the beginning of September. Society has developed certain seasonal rituals over the years such as summer BBQ’s, colorful spring-time festivals, and unwritten fashion rules such as, “You simply cannot wear white after Labor Day.” I think it’s time for a new unwritten rule for this time of year, “You simply cannot sell Pumpkin-Spiced Lattes before Labor Day!” 

Reports started in early August that national chains, eager for increased sales, would start selling pumpkin-spiced lattes much earlier than years past. Not willing to wait till the end of summer and the beginning of the autumn season for such tomfoolery, these eager little beavers are no longer waiting for us to put away the summer grill, finish our quick trips to the Cape, or complete folding away our summer whites before making sure we have, what some call scrumptious, pumpkin-spiced lattes at a corner near you. 

Looking ahead to three full months of every food item on the grocery shelf having a pumpkin-spice alternative, the last thing I will be looking forward to on Thanksgiving Day is that big ole piece of pumpkin pie that was so eagerly anticipated each year. Remember what grandma use to say, “Too much of a good thing is no good for you.” That is certainly true about pumpkin spice. 

The most amazing notion about this discussion is that September is here already. It seems like I just put Christmas decorations away a few months ago and now it’s getting close to pulling them out again. It’s downright scary how fast this year is zipping by. 

For me, September signals that the end of year is fast approaching, with two-thirds of 2019 now in the past tense. If you haven’t gotten to checking off some items on your yearly To-Do list you better get moving fast, ‘cause 2020 is now just around the corner.  Moving past this official end-of-summer Labor Day weekend, it’s on to the busiest times of year with school, religious holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and then on to the end of year whirlwind of the Christmas holiday season straight into the new year. 

Thinking about certain time periods I would not mind zipping by so quickly, one is definitely this hurricane season. I am not looking forward to any more storms, warnings, near misses or perhaps something worse. Staying prepared,  keeping supplies on hand, and taking a few precautionary steps early on will make all that last-minute running around a bit easier on us all. 

So, take a moment to just relax this September morning. You deserve it! As you relax, keep in mind how lucky we all are to be able to wake up and be able to enjoy a brand new day!!

This wonderful uncertainty of a new day is what makes life just better here. Enjoy!