Sitting down to read the local papers this past week, I was shocked and dismayed to see the full-page paid political advertisement by the Broward Chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans published in the Florida Agenda newspaper.

I am all for the free expression of beliefs and opinions, but this ad lacked any substance of factual reality. Who are these people that make this stuff up? Who is behind the list of lies and made-up exaggerations? Does Donald Trump offer Broward Republicans nothing good or positive to say in their political ads that they feel such a need to discredit and smear their opponent with such lies?

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While Donald Trump’s casino empire was collapsing all across Atlantic City and Trump University was robbing students of their dreams and money, Hillary Clinton was serving this nation as a U.S. Senator and then as Secretary of State. I can understand how the Broward Log Cabin Republicans might not have much positive material to work with here. However, there is a limit to how low you can go before you expose yourself as a hateful, desperate group of liars that will stop at nothing to achieve your goals. Perhaps not the best selling points for any organization, unless you are striving to be a local branch of the KKK.

Who are these people that make this stuff up? Who is behind the list of lies and made-up exaggerations?

So let’s go back to who is involved with this organization.  Past President and contact person for the Broward Log Cabin Republicans, Sandy Steen, is our own Wilton Manors Pioneer. Having served this community on the Wilton Manors City Commission and then as Mayor back in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, it is now sad to see her slinging mud in the gutter.

Along with her, is the current candidate running for City Commission, Celeste Ellich, who serves as Vice Chair of the Broward Republican Executive Committee.  The Broward Log Cabin Republicans are officially chartered by the State Republican Party and listed as a Club operating under the direction of the Broward Republican Executive Committee. Shame, shame, shame on both of you.

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One of the most offensive lies in the ad reads; “Hillary will throw LGBT’s under the bus, along with Jews, to curry favor with Muslims and kowtow to immigrants who uphold Sharia Law, which condemns gays to death, denies equal rights to women, and suppresses our freedoms of religion and speech.”  Once you finish laughing at its absurdity, where does one begin to point out all that is wrong with this statement?

You can just see the bigotry and racism foaming from their mouths with words like kowtow, Jews, Muslims, and Sharia Law. Yes, it’s all true, Hillary Clinton, the first woman President will gut the Constitution, uphold Sharia Law, deny women’s rights, and allow gays to be condemned to death… Wow, and in the real world?

You can just see the bigotry and racism foaming from their mouths with words like kowtow, Jews, Muslims, and Sharia Law.

Why would the LGBT community fear Hillary kowtowing to Muslims when the real fear is the Republican Party kowtowing to the fanatical religious right with the selection of Mike Pence as their nominee for Vice President?  Trump’s selection of Mike Pence was a clear signal that our interest had just been thrown under the bus.  Mike Pence, as Governor of Indiana, signed a bill to jail same-sex couples who applied for marriage licenses, supported a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality, wanted to divert funds from HIV prevention to conversion therapy, and opposed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Perhaps it’s Pence and his followers in the Republican Party, such as Pat Robertson and Kevin Swanson, who would like to see gays condemned to death. Who would you fear most, Hillary Clinton or Mike Pence?

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I guess it’s open season for hatred, bigotry and lies. How can one blame Sandy and Celeste, when ‘The Donald’ has blazed such a clear path for them to follow? The Republican mantra now is to smear your opponents, make up lies, and say it aggressively and loud enough, over and over, until people believe it’s the truth.

Unfortunately, we will have to endure another two months of this insanity. But do not take it sitting down. We need to stand up and call out our neighbors on their behavior, let them know that it’s not acceptable to lie and smear people’s character and service to this great nation. We must demand some level of civility, respect, and morality. We are better than this ….

And that is what makes life just better here in Wilton Manors….