Column: Hindsight is always 20/20…

Just a few months ago, most of us would have never expected to wake up on the morning of Nov. 9 to find Donald Trump as the new President-elect.


Unfortunately, Democratic Party leaders might have expected it more than we did. Donald Trump and his advisors did not have a crystal ball that gave them the secrets on how to win the election in 2016.  Many in the Democratic Party leadership had the same information. Unfortunately, they chose to double down on a bad bet, knowing there was a good chance they would lose it all, and lose they did.

Hindsight is 20/20, as the old saying goes; and there are indeed plenty of articles, newscasters, and party officials trying to pass the buck and lay the blame on how Hillary Clinton lost it all to the likes of Donald Trump. Perhaps the crowds at Bernie Sanders campaign events during the primary season and his prodigiously successful fundraising from small donors should have been a sign of the disaster to come.

How else could you have one of the most qualified candidates for President, Hillary Clinton, losing primary states such as Wisconsin and Michigan to a self-described Democratic Socialist?  The “liberal” label has been bad enough throughout my life time, but here in 2016, we had Bernie Sanders winning primary after primary and raising millions of dollars in his race against Hillary Clinton. However, in their zeal to elect the first female President, the Democratic Party leadership ignored all the warning signs, ignored the American working class, ignored the better candidate, and bet it all on electing Hillary Clinton instead.

Now we have Donald Trump as President-elect, ready to hold office for the next four years. The morning after would have looked a lot better if Bernie Sanders, instead of Donald Trump, had carried the forgotten middle- and working-class voters living in the Rust Belt states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Donald Trump picked up on the Bernie Sanders phenomenon and rode it right to the White House. The Clinton campaign never had a chance. American workers who once earned solid wages now walk past closed and decaying factories on their way to minimum wage jobs, while the Clintons raked in millions giving speeches on Wall Street.  No amount of paid political ads by the Clinton Campaign could alter that reality. When the Democratic leadership made sure that Bernie Sanders did not secure the nomination, they took away the only viable alternative for so many Americans who have been marginalized and forgotten.

The people wanted a change in 2016, not a right-wing revolution. Donald Trump best keep that in mind as he moves forward and chooses his cabinet and policy agenda. People want the higher paying jobs that were lost over the past 20 years, they want to work hard and provide for their families, and they want a better future for their children. They did not vote for Donald Trump so he could privatize Medicare, or deny LGBT Americans equal rights, or to carry out a religious crusade. Now it’s time to see whether this peddler of goods will deliver on his promises. I wish him and America all the best.

Looking at our local elections here in Wilton Manors, we should be grateful that more responsible minds prevailed. Gary Resnick won reelection as Mayor with a decisive victory. Mayor Resnick says that this will be his last term, having served our city well for almost 20 years, first as a City Commissioner and then as Mayor. Our two incumbent Commissioners Green and Carson squeaked out a close re-election victory against main challenger Paul Rolli.  Paul ran a great campaign and came within 171 votes of defeating Julie Carson. Hats off to everyone who participated in the process and who help make us a stronger city because of their efforts.

As we await the return of manufacturing jobs to Youngstown and the construction jobs, paid for by Mexico, to build the security wall along our southern border, it’s back to work for our newly elected officials, our community activists, our board and committee members, and all of you as we work together to build a better community here in Wilton Manors. 

‘Cause that is what makes our lives just better here…

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