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We seem to be entering a very dangerous time throughout our country. Last weekend’s demonstrations calling for an end to the public health shutdowns remind many of the unleashing of the Brown Shirts in German society back in the 1930s.

Now I know the idea of goose-stepping booted young men marching down The Drive might be a pleasing thought for some.  

However the reality of those boots kicking down your door or smashing your teeth in is not a pleasant reality. 

Since Trump and his band of fascists took control of our government a few years ago, we have seen the demonization of immigrants, a rise in white supremacists, a tax giveaway to the wealthy 1%, false news, verbal attacks on anyone who questions their policies, and now an unleashing of “Trumpsters” across America demonstrating against scientific and public health policies that are saving thousands of American lives. 

These demonstrators draped themselves in Trump 2020 flags and banners, waved American flags, wore no face masks, and observed no social distancing as they shouted slogans mocking those who voiced a different opinion. What’s next, attacks on elected officials, smashing of windows, physical threats of citizens with a difference of opinion? Not so unimaginable in our society as we once thought. 

We all want to get back to work, go out and have a drink at our local bar and restaurant, have gatherings, enjoy travel and take a vacation. 

However we don’t want to feed a pandemic and have our neighbors, our families, our friends begin to fall ill and die because we couldn’t sacrifice a few more weeks of caution. Having all restrictions end tomorrow will do nothing for our economy if we start getting ill and death counts reach unimaginable levels. 

Trump and his cohorts want America back to work so that profits can once again begin to flow into their bulging pockets. These greedy peddlers, who have taken over the temple grounds, just want to get back to exploiting the millions of now out-of-work Americans, with no care for them, their families, and their lack of benefits, sick time, or low wages. 

Just look at Florida’s own Rick Scott, another recent false prophet of hard-working men and women. Many Floridians now in need of a helping hand and some assistance cannot even sign-in on the state’s website never mind actually collect some of the reemployment dollars owed to them by the state. 

Well, just thank good ole Ricky who deliberately left behind a broken, faulty and unfunded safety net for Floridians when he served as Governor for eight years. These soapbox orators proclaiming to care so much have shown nothing but disdain for the working families who make this country great.

The fault lines in our society are definitely beginning to show. A privileged few who can self-isolate in one of their many homes, not caring about the rest of America where working two jobs, paycheck to paycheck, with no benefits, sick leave or safety net has become the new norm in the wealthiest country we call the U.S.  

We spend one-fifth of our national GDP on healthcare, but yet the system is absolutely broken and unable to provide the basic level of service in our time of need. Don’t be so foolish as to listen to those “Communists” trying to sell you on such a crazy notion as universal health care or some type of single-payer system that would just ruin the best health care system in the world. 

Oh no, don’t listen to Senator Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, those radical liberals only want to ruin our great society. The proof of our bankrupted and wasteful system, drained out by the likes of Trump and Rick Scott, are all around us. COVID-19 made the obvious just a bit clearer for many. 

As we get closer to Election Day and the re-election of Donald Trump, I have great fear for our county, our democracy and our future. These desperate fascists will stop at nothing as they continue to consolidate their power.  Be very afraid, be very vigilant, and do not be bullied by the Brown Shirts who have become more vocal and more brazen now that Trump has empowered and unleashed them in our cities, our towns and in our psyches.

Democracy and the return of power to the hard-working citizens of this great nation out from the greedy hands of mega-corporations and the wealthy 1% is the only way to keep life just better here.

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