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I sit here a bit numb now that October has already arrived, and 2016 is roaring to the finish line as one of the fastest years ever. One bright spot is that Election Day will soon be over, and we can finally be finished with all the insanity we’ve had to endure over the past year.

I have reached election overload, and I am sure that I am not alone.

Unless you enjoy watching reality TV shows that now make up a large portion of TV viewing, you must be tired of the Donald Trump Show being broadcasted on all channels from morning until the late-night hours.

As with most reality shows, the more bizarre and rude the behavior, the more people talk about it, and the more the ratings go up. We are not watching a campaign for President of the United States of America. We are watching a horrible reality TV show where the main character, Donald Trump, reacts with greater and greater vulgarities, insults, and ridiculous behavior keeping ratings high and the show continuing on.

Unfortunately, we have allowed our democracy to be hijacked by a very clever demagogue. Instead of a debate about ideas and vision for the future of our great nation, we watch the latest episode of The Trump Show having to do with the body weight of a beauty pageant contestant.

Episode after episode, we watch the behavior and the insanity grow more extreme and more insane. I just want it to end. I have reached the breaking point. Forget the rest of October, cancel Spooktacular, cancel Halloween. Just get us to November already, the day after Election Day 2016. Please, enough already.

However, we must be careful what we wish for. The day after Election Day could be the beginning of a four-year run of the Trump Show. I remain optimistic that America will elect the one sane and qualified candidate, making the day after Election Day the final episode of a truly horrible reality TV show.

The same hopefully will be the case here in Wilton Manors, where residents have a clear choice for Mayor of our great city. Over the past year, Boyd Corbin has been paying attention to the Trump Show. He learned that if you say something aggressively, loudly, and often enough, people will start believing what you say to be the truth.

Corbin has been making exaggerated claims about how the city handles water and sewage bills, about narrowing Wilton Drive, and about how the city mishandles the parking program. Mayor Resnick might not be the most well-liked person here in Wilton Manors, but he has served our city extraordinarily well and will continue to do so for the next two years. The choice of the better candidate is clear, as clear as our choice in the Presidential race.

The race for two City Commission seats might not be such a clear choice for many residents. Tom Green, Paul Rolli and Julie Carson have definitely been active and dedicated individuals, committed in their vision to make Wilton Manors a wonderful city.

However, I am slightly baffled by the candidacy of Celeste Ellich. Celeste has been absent from city politics for at least the last five years. She reminds me a bit of Rip Van Winkle, when, after the whole messy Alan West affair, she found a hollow on the Eastside and fell asleep for a few years. Having awakened thinking that she is still the active community leader she once was, Celeste decided it was a good idea to run for City Commissioner once again.

Unfortunately, too much time has gone by, and Wilton Manors is a much better place than in days gone by. My choice for our city leaders are those who answered the vision question at the Candidates Forum with actual reality of what the future can hold for our great city, not a longing for memories of the past which will never come again. Similar to Donald Trump, Celeste wants to play on our memories, when America was great and all was right with the world. Unfortunately, memories usually leave out the bad parts we try to forget.

So in just a few weeks, we will be waking up on the morning after Election Day, putting behind us the bad reality TV program we called an election. Hopefully, we will have elected those candidates who truly have the abilities to lead us forward, both nationally and locally here in Wilton Manors.

Making that choice makes life just better here…