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Hey you, out there in Broward County, can you hear me? Donald Trump is coming to the heart of Democratic Florida on Nov. 26 for a Homecoming Rally.

Really? A Trump Homecoming Rally here in Broward County? 

This is not the Villages or some other Republican bastion in our state. This is Broward County, the Democratic stronghold of Florida.  Yet I hear no talk of protest, demonstrations, or blocking streets to the BB&T Center. Perhaps we have all become comfortably numb, in some sort of drugged state of social media overload, no longer able to realize what is actually taking place in our community and in the world around us. 

Yellow Jackets in France, daily protests in Hong Kong, Lebanese families turning out to protest government corruption, all lending a view that there is a growing movement worldwide. 

People are starting to demand their fair share of what currently flows more and more only to the wealthy 1 percent. These protests are demanding better services, better education for their children, better healthcare, higher wages, a better quality of life, and a better tomorrow. 

Many are baffled as to why there has not been a robust, organized and vocal protest movement here in the U.S. We see major grassroot support for leaders such as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

However, we see no massive demonstrations when this President takes us out of the Paris Agreement tossing years of work on global warming out the window, when he tears up car emission guidelines, or has his criminal associates go around the world making illegal deals with oligarchs, plays with our military on a whim, locks up innocent children and criminalizes people looking for a better life. 

Yet where are the protests? 

And now this. A Homecoming Event for Donald Trump right here in Broward County, and I hear no calls for action. Have we retreated into a fantasy world where listening to the Racheal Maddow Show or posting opposition statements on social media offers a daily relief valve to the mounting insanity? We might be fooling ourselves into thinking that if only we make it to the next election, everything will be OK.  

Have we somehow masked the trauma and pain of the Trump presidency? Have we become comfortably numb, no longer able to respond, no longer able to see what is happening, no longer able to act? 

When Congressman Allen West was invited to speak here in Wilton Manors years ago, there was a very large, organized, and vocal response from our community clearly stating that such a divisive hatemonger and bigot was not welcome here in our community. Community leaders came together, mobilized and sent a strong message that our values, our beliefs, and our community would not be lessened by such an individual. 

Now we have a President who can be described as Allen West on steroids. Trump’s words, actions, criminal behavior and total disregard for decency make Allen West look like a sweetheart.  This man is coming into our community here in South Florida to what his social media peddlers have called a Homecoming Event. 

A Homecoming implies the act of coming home, welcoming back someone by those who consider the person as one of their own, a cheerful and heartfelt outpouring of sentiment, a celebration. I am having a hard time believing that this is the message we want to send out to the world on Tuesday, November 26. 

The BB&T Center in Sunrise holds 19,000 people. We have the ability to demonstrate that Donald Trump is not welcome here in South Florida.  Let us turn this so-called homecoming into a show of what the residents of Broward truly demand and want from our President and other elected officials.  

I will be out in Sunrise on Tuesday, Nov. 26 to show support with fellow South Floridians that Donald Trump and his clan of bullies are not welcome here. 

Hopefully, you will join us. 

Only by standing up for what we believe, ready to protect our values of decency and the rule of law, and to face down bullies shall we continue to make life just better here.