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Poor results in Iowa, New Hampshire and national polls might be the knockout punch for Bidens presidential aspirations. 

However, the bigger story this past week is how fast the desperate ruling class of the Democratic Party is acting like a bunch of rats jumping off a sinking ship scurrying to get onboard the Bloomberg bandwagon. 

What we are really witnessing here is another nail in the coffin of American democracy, bringing us ever closer to a new American oligarchy. 

Back in the 2016 presidential primaries, Bernie Sanders’ popularity and success were totally dismissed and discounted by the Democratic Party establishment. Yet the money and votes kept pouring in. 

Four years later we are still seeing the same treatment. Bernie Sanders is the front runner of the Democratic primaries, his fundraising from non-corporate donors far outpaces all others, and yet our Democratic Party leadership cannot get out of each others way to embrace Michael Bloomberg as the savior of the party.  This is the same party leadership that resurrected Joe Biden as their savior, only to see their hopes dashed once again by Bernie Sanders’ popularity and fundraising success. 

A popular candidate with strong appeal to young voters, a loyal following,  an unbelievable grass-roots fundraising machine that brings in millions from average citizens  should be a godsend for any campaign. Unfortunately, the power structure seems to want another billionaire, whose appeal is purchased by his wealth. Looks to me like our democracy is quickly becoming an oligarchy, ruled by very wealthy billionaires. 

I guess we can find some comfort with the fact that Billionaire Bloomberg at least supports and gives plenty of his money to worthy causes favored by many Democrats.  However, Bernie Sanders is still the front runner and the rightful standard bearer for now. 

Leaving the national stage behind, my attention focuses back on local issues here within the borders of our Island City. With the topic of elections already on our minds, I might as well talk about our own local elections.

Municipal elections for Mayor and City Commission are already beginning to take shape. Our Mayor, Justin Flippen, has announced that he will be seeking re-election, along with City Commissioner Julie Carson. Vice Mayor Tom Green, our long-serving and popular commissioner, will not be seeking reelection, thus ending his 12-year run serving our city. 

Candidates stepping up to throw their hats into the race so far include Chris Caputo and Michael Bracchi for City Commission. Bracchi is currently serving on the citys Budget Review Advisory Committee. There is still plenty of time for others to jump into the race, so residents will have to wait a few more months to see what the final line-up will look like.  

One thing for certain is that Wilton Manors residents will be losing a champion for protecting single-family neighborhoods with Vice Mayor Tom Green stepping down comes November. Tom has always voiced a very strong opinion on the need to protect our residential neighborhoods from the negative effects of short-term rentals. His strong voice and advocacy on this issue, along with securing a rail station for our city, his work with the regional MPO, his vocal support for home rule against the Florida legislature, his commitment to address environmental issues, his work with the Florid League of Cities, and so much more will be a tremendous loss for all residents of our Island City. 

This loss puts a greater emphasis on who we choose to fill our City Commission seats come November. Not yet knowing all the final candidates, I will hold off offering judgement for now. 

Meanwhile, residents should get to know these new candidates, how they have participated over the years in our city government, participated in neighborhood associations, worked on improving our quality of life, and what their vision for tomorrow is for our city. 

We should look to judge candidates on what they have done and currently doing, not on some glossy election flyer showing up in your mailbox. 

Campaign kick-off parties have already begun, and many more campaign fundraising parties will be scheduled in the months ahead. 

Mayor Flippen will be kicking off this Thursday at Drynk, Commissioner Carson follows the following Thursday at Claudia Castillos Art Studio, and Michael Bracchi kicked off his campaign to a packed house at Richardson House two weeks ago. Stay tuned for more election madness as we move through our local, state and national elections. 

There is an old saying, All politics are local.” 

Getting involved locally, knowing who your candidates are in municipal elections, participating in the electoral process, talking to neighbors, getting involved with community organizations, and voting for candidates who are truly knowledgeable about the issues facing our Island City will continue to make life just better here.