Decades after they left their hometown of Charleston in Mississippi County, Missouri, Wilton Manors Commissioner Julie Carson’s family got a surprise – stolen coins, owned by Carson’s brother, Jed, were returned by police. 

Earlier this month, the Mississippi County Sheriff’s office contacted Carson’s family to let them know that the collection of coins had been found during a drug raid. Carson estimates about 100 coins were found.

The story has received media coverage from outlets in Missouri and nearby Illinois.

Police were able to identify Jed as owner of the coins because of a tag, for the family’s dog, Manfred, with the names of Jed and Jon, Carson’s other brother, found with the coins. 

Carson says the family didn’t know how or when exactly the coins went missing but it’s been almost 50 years since they were taken.

“It’s pretty exciting when you think about something 50 years or 55 years later,” Carson said. The recovered coins have her family “looking back at old pictures and who was [hanging around] the house when the coins would have been gone. It’s kind of allowed us to reflect a little bit more. What this has done for us is to have us start sharing things again.”

Carson’s also learned some new things about her father, John, and other family history from her mother, Louise.

“My father used to go down when the coin people would empty the parking meters and give them cash. The he would give the coins to my brother Jed to see if there were any good pennies or good dimes. Then take [the leftovers] to the bank and get his money back. I didn’t know he did that. It’s kind of neat to have some more history.”