In the wake of Oakland Park lifting its moratorium on medical marijuana treatment centers and dispensaries, Wilton Manors officials have begun the process of revising their own ordinances.

At their Oct. 24 meeting, commissioners directed city staff to draft an ordinance dealing with marijuana dispensaries.

Last year, commissioners passed regulations dealing with the regulation of marijuana and dispensaries in the city. But City Manager Leigh Ann Henderson said the city’s regulations don’t match up with Florida’s SB 8-A: Medical Use of Marijuana, which was approved by Governor Rick Scott in June.

Previously, City Attorney Kerry Ezrol advised the commission that any local regulations pertaining to dispensaries had to be in line with state law. If local governments choose not to ban dispensaries, they have to regulate them as pharmacies.

Under the city’s current ordinance, dispensaries can only be located on Oakland Park Boulevard, Andrews Avenue, and some parts of Wilton Drive and Northeast 26 Street. They also can’t be within 1,000 feet of a school, daycare center, house of worship, licensed rehabilitation facility, or another dispensary.

At multiple meetings, commissioners have discussed medical marijuana. In addition to decriminalizing marijuana in 2015, commissioners have also talked about wanting to incorporate dispensaries into the city’s business community in a responsible way. They’ve also expressed a desire not to want to ban dispensaries and deny residents who need access to them for legitimate medical purposes.

Commissioners reiterated that stance at the Oct. 24 meeting by saying they didn’t want to ban dispensaries outright. Mayor Gary Resnick said he wants the city to control where the dispensaries are located.