The city’s new parking lot is expected to be open sometime next week. Finance Director Bob Mays estimated the 23-space lot would be open sometime between April 13 and 15.

The city purchased the parking lot, which is located at Northeast 23 Drive and Northeast 11 Avenue behind Bona Pizza, in September of 2015 for $447,000. The final cost of paving the lot is $270,000. When the city purchased the lot, it was estimated the cost to pave it would be between $180,000 and $240,000.

Commissioner Scott Newton was the only commission member to vote no. He said the cost was too much. But the good thing, he added, was that the money came from the parking fund and not from taxpayers. Vice Mayor Justin Flippen said the city needed to act and buy the lot to provide parking for businesses on Wilton Drive.

“It’s incumbent upon us as policymakers to act. This land is available. We have to act,” he said.

When the lot opens, there will be no meters. Motorists will have to use the city’s parking app to pay for parking. Paid parking, like the city’s other lots, will be from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. daily.