A move to create a survey to gauge public opinion about the Wilton Manors Police Department could get approved or rejected at the next Community Affairs Advisory Board [CAAB] meeting.

In previous meetings, which occur once a month, CAAB members have decided to delay a vote until the next meeting when all members were present. They’ve also voted not to go forward with the survey. But now, CAAB will hold another vote during its Wednesday, Feb. 1 meeting – 7 p.m. in the City Hall Commission Chambers. The meeting is open to the public.

But Michael Goodman, CAAB chair, disagrees that CAAB is struggling with a decision.

“It’s gone back and forth. There are two different mindsets. We just have to find the right mindset. It’s not this huge debate. It’s just something we’re exploring [to find] the best way to proceed. Asked how he feels about the survey, Goodman said that he wants to make sure CAAB isn’t duplicating efforts or the city doesn’t spend too much money on sending out the survey. “It might be better through other sources and we have to determine that.”

Resident Boyd Corbin, who has been a consistent critic of the police department, said the survey should go forward. “It needs to be distributed.”

CAAB member Skip Stadnik said he thinks the survey is unnecessary.
“I personally am not for that. For one or two possible bad policemen, you’ve got 10 or 15 that are not. I just can’t see the point of wasting the tax payer time and money and our time and money [on a survey]. The police have been doing a good job.”