At 15 percent, individuals 65 and older don’t represent a huge portion of the city’s population. But they do represent some of the most vulnerable and needy.

To help home-bound seniors become more active in the community and provide more information about services they can use, the city’s Community Affairs Advisory Board [CAAB] has begun working on an outreach program.

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Lisa Peters, director of senior services at SunServe, said a lot of seniors just aren’t able to get out of their homes because of physical disabilities. They also have trouble asking for help. Pride and upbringing can get in the way. Many grew up during the Depression and lived and fought through World War II.

“It’s hard to admit you need assistance. It’s hard to admit you can’t do things you used to do. They will not ask for assistance. That’s not how they were raised.”

To help them become more active and more knowledgeable, CAAB will work on creating a resource guide with information for all of the services and resources available to seniors in the city.

Bryan Wilson, SunServe’s director of community relations and a CAAB member, said getting seniors to volunteer is one way of getting them out of the house and making them feel part of the community again. The volunteer opportunities will come through the city’s “Wilton Manors Team of Volunteers.”

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A representative of the Wilton Manors Police Department said her department is also working on creating a seniors and police cooperation program based on TRIAD. According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office website, TRIAD is a program where BSO “recruits and trains volunteers to assist police departments and provides a forum for law enforcement and the community to share needs and concerns while developing solutions.”

For more information about the city’s volunteer program, which is open to all residents regardless of age, call 954-390-2120 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..